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New Year/New Artists

Devlin & Dooley

 January 11 - February 2 , 2020


RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street, Beacon, NY is presenting “New Year/New Artists: Devlin and Dooley.”  We are starting out the new year with two new artists in the gallery.  KP Devlin’s paintings are inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights – specifically the Hell portion!  Jennifer Dooley skillfully uses wide-angle lenses to magnify the tattered grandeur of public spaces that had been built to impress. 

Devlin explains, “My childhood was full of wonderful things. Throughout my family’s house were many fine art prints. I recall Van Gogh, Bruegel, Dali and Renoir, but I remember most fondly the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Staring at The Garden of Earthly Delights was something I could do for hours. Beyond the wonderful, fantastical chimeras and other imaginative beasts and humans found roaming Bosch’s landscapes, were the landscapes themselves: wild, twisting, highly detailed and absolutely fascinating to me. I take plenty of time to listen to great music and look at great art. And then paint or write like I’m freefalling into the ‘Hell’ panel of Bosch’s Garden.” 

From the early 1990s through about 2010, Devlin was very active as a singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist. Devlin currently lives and works in New York City.

Dooley explains: “I first discovered my interest in photography while working in the IT department at NYNEX in 1990.  I met a coworker with an unsteady hand who always produced blurry pictures.  So I asked if I could try out the camera and instantly fell in love.”  Jennifer has since acquired numerous pieces of camera equipment.  Her current go to cameras are Canon 5D Mark IV and Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II.


Jennifer’s view of the world is tied to analysis, spacial consideration and creativity; it is usually realistic, but she escapes into the surreal by distorting and using creative techniques. “It’s fun to exaggerate and draw the viewer’s attention to a piece of something.  My eye always gravitates towards graphic shapes, patterns, perspective and leading lines.”   Jennifer is a Quality Assurance Analyst and resides in Port Chester, NY.

Learn New Stuff

Cell Phone App Workshop

with Mary Ann Glass, Sat, Jan 18

10:30-12:30 $50/$35 returnees

Learn how to use some of the most powerful phone apps to correct, enhance and transform your images. iPhones/iPads/Androids and all levels welcome.  This is a fun  - not tech-heavy - workshop and you will be amazed at how you can improve your images. Preregistration required.  Call 845-838-2880, email info@riverwindsgallery.com

with Kathy LaLonde, Sun, Jan 19

5:30 $10

The lotus grows in muddy water, reminding us that we can grow above those things in life that make us feel bogged down.  The lotus can direct you on your journey and path so you can move beyond anger, sadness, grief and pain. Relax, renew, recharge, be enlightened about who you are and why you are here.  Preregistration required. Call  845-838-2880 or email info@riverwindsgallery.com

Lotus Meditation

Intro To Pour Painting

Sat, Jan 18, $50/$10 materials fee

with Karl LaLonde 10-11:30

Learn this exciting process of painting abstract designs.  Karl will discuss how to prepare the paint for the proper flow.  Participants will go home with 2-4 canvases. Paints and materials provided.

Preregistration required.  Call 845-838-2880  or email at  info@riverwindsgallery.com

@ RiverWinds: New Work in the Gallery

New Services


Framing and Matting

Camera Repair: digital/film/lenses

Hanging Artwork at Your Home

Photography Workshops

  • Learning your digital camera

  • iPhoneography creativity

  • Photoshoots with review/critique

  • Portrait lighting

  • Lightroom: beginner and advanced

  • Photoshop Basics


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