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Jewelry - Caiming Cheung

bowls, mugs, vases, plates, salt shakers

Fiber Arts

Hand dyed scarves, different types of yarn

Caiming Cheung works in sterling silver creating unique designs of her own..sometimes inspired by the town and Hudson Valley she lives in. She didn't know it then, but a single elective course in Jewelry 101 senior year of college launched her evolution in metals. From a serendipitous opportunity, a career in jewelry blossomed at a manufacturer for an internationally renowned retailer. It is through this on the job experience of fine jewelry making, technical skills are acquired and cultivated.

"I am not a traditionally trained artist, but I have an astute attention to details. It is this trait, my affinity to working with my hands, and the love of crafts, that translates seamlessly into creating jewelry. I covet an outlet to channel and express my creative energy. Working on my own designs satiates this inclination."


Her inspirations are eclectic, drawn from the environment, nature, or a personal emotional experience. A concept or idea often starts with a collection of words or quote, that she finds inspirational, that convey a message of intent and purpose, a very tangible manifestation of purging a personal emotion. The essence of these words are distilled and personified by a piece in a personal interpretation and sometimes literal. Nature is often used as an aesthetic, organic and always evolving, akin to actual life. Jewelry making in this sense is a cathartic process for me, a way to express her personality and captures my moments in time. The ubiquitous influences funnel to a humble hope, not that these emotions and ideas are experienced by the viewer or wearer, but to only imbue a broad appeal, for each individual to attach their own emotional value, whether it is an appreciation or just simply an attraction to the work.

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