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by Jessica Wickham


Hand dyed colors, different types of yarn

Deborah Heid - Wood Fired Pottery

In developing my work, Deborah has been drawn to a traditional style that has its roots in the aesthetics of Japanese and Korean pottery.  Her firing process uses a traditional wood kiln.  She finds that by beginning with traditional forms and firing techniques, she has created a jumping off place that gives her freedom to develop her own artistic voice.

One of her primary forms is decorative tiles, most of which have landscape or botanical themes - rocks, streams, water, grasses, leaves, and flowers. The style of these tiles and wall pieces is influenced by the beaches near where she grew up and the vacations hiking in the woods and mountains.  The landscapes are built up in marbled clay, layered with shinos and glaze between bare spots that are left to the wood kiln to decorate.  The grasses are influenced by the work of Korean potters, using slip to create the illusion of wind water and dunes.  The flowers and leaves also use slip to build contrast and motion.  Her secondary theme is the exploration of contrast and line.  The tension between calm and storm, light and dark, continuity and its interruption permeates the work and is intended to draw the view into the balance.

Her functional work includes sake sets and tea bowls  The work encompasses three themes: plain forms that embrace simplicity and grace;  rough textured forms that create a feeling of coming directly from the earth and a style that is evocative of mountain ridges cut through with a reed gesture.  This last theme integrates, her landscape and contrast themes.

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