When Women Dream

July 8- August 6, 2017


RiverWinds celebrated its 14 anniversary with When Women Dream...a group of women artists working in various medium:  Stefanyie Rosenfeld, Kamila Wojciechowicz, Rosella La Torre, Mary Ann Glass and Agnieszka Zak.

Each month Riverwinds features a new artist and an opening on Beacon Second Saturday

Melissa Braggins: Spring Sprung

April 8 - May 7, 2017


"Spring Sprung: Melissa Braggins" features an innovative use of printing ink and layers of stencils on not only paper but also ceramic.  At her studio, Pondside Press in Rhinebeck, Melissa layers images and colors to present an exuberant botanical celebration.. 

 “Fantasy Worlds” by David R. Clark is a vivid exploration of space, color, face and form. His work possesses a striking sensuality, drawing the eye with its strong lines and unapologetic strength. His work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the US and Europe.  

2017 Shows

January 13 - Feb 4, 2018

Timeless Greece: Photos by Mary Ann Glass and Christine Irvin


September 9 - Oct 8, 2017

DM Weil

Let's Have Some Color in Our Lives


August 12- Sept 4, 2017

Margaret Ryan

A Retrospective


July 8 - August 6, 2017

When Women Dream...

14th Anniversary Show



June 10 - July 3, 2017

Annette Jaret

Spirit Dancing



May 8 - June 5, 2017

New Work

Group Show



April 8 - May 7, 2017

Melissa Braggins:

Spring Sprung



March 11 - April 7, 2017

Karl LaLonde:

Joy of Color


February 11 - March 8, 2017

Dave Clark:

Fantasy Worlds


January 14 - February 5, 2017

Rafael Quirindongo:

A Retrospective




Rafael died in December, after a struggle with cancer.  We lost not only a unique photographic talent but more importantly a brilliant, funny, kind man. 


"I’d like to say I don’t photograph things, but rather how they make me feel. Technically, I strive for the perfect photo without compromising the all-important mood I am trying to convey.   In the end, it’s an expression of how I see the world, and perhaps, a very good way to get to know me"

Rafael Quirindongo:


January 14 - February 5, 2017

Dave Clark: Fantasy Worlds

February 11 - March 8, 2017

Karl LaLonde: Joy of Color

March 11 - April 7, 2017


“The Joy of Color” by Karl LaLonde is an eye-catching display of vividly contrasting colors. His abstract landscapes thrum with life and call to the viewer’s imagination with their powerful lines and delightful play of bright shapes. Karl’s work may be found at RiverWinds Gallery where he is a co-owner.




New Work: Group Show

May 8 - June 5, 2017


A collection of new artists -- painters, photographers, wood workers, wood collagers, steel workers -- all from the Hudson Valley.

Margaret Ryan

August 12 - Sept 4, 2017


“Margaret Ryan: A Multi-Faceted Retrospective” shows the artist exploring her many sides. Not content with just painting realistic still lifes, Margaret also enjoys exploring abstraction and impressionism.

DM Weil: Let's Have Some

Color in Our Lives...

September 9 - October 8, 2017


RiverWinds shows this artist for the first time in Beacon.  DM Weil’s paintings explode with color and drama, invariably eliciting a strong emotional response in the viewer. 


Timeless Greece: Photos by

Mary Ann Glass/Christine Irvin

January 13 - Feb 4, 2018

Two friends go to Greece and this is what they saw!  Between the two of them, the show features Greece now and Greece then, and how they both coexist vibrantly together.




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