iEurope: Strange Beauties:

Photographs by Mary Ann Glass and Galina Krasskova

January 9 – February 7, 2016


Last Week - Show Ends Sunday Feb 7, 2016


iPhoneography Workshop:  January 30, 2016  10 – 12 am

$50/person   By Mary Ann Glass


Artist Talk:  Ossuaries: What and Why January 30, 2016  4 -5 pm 

No Charge   By Galina Krasskova


RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street, Beacon, NY is presenting ““iEurope: Strange Beauties,” photos by Mary Ann Glass and Galina Krasskova.  After attending an International Artists’ Residency in Poland this summer, the two artists made a point to visit Baroque churches, pilgrimage sites, and ossuaries, i.e., bone chapels, in not only Poland but also the Czech Republic and Cologne, Germany.  It's been noted: “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there" -- this show highlights the truth of this.  The Artists' Opening is January 9, from 5-8 pm.  The show runs through February 7, 2016.


"My family were, basically, lapsed Protestants, in the middle of rural Ohio," says Ms. Glass.  "So I am always awed, amused and fascinated by the sheer quantity of stuff -- dead body parts (dead bodies even!), statues and paintings of flying Angels, fighting Christians and mutilated martyrs, multiple side chapels, altars that open and close, the jewels, the gilding -- all beautifully packed into Central Europe's Baroque churches.


"I cannot walk into one without desperately wanting to take photographs," says Ms. Glass. "This summer, as a professional photographer, I did take a real camera with me: you know, one that doesn’t take phone calls or track the number of steps I walk per day.  But I didn't use it.  The tiny iPhone, packed with marvelous, wonderful, powerful apps, gave me all the tools I needed to record and describe my experience."


“There is beauty in bone, in the starkness and purity of its line" says Galina Krasskova. "There is a truth there that bridges the centuries and connects us to all that have come before. I tap into that whenever I walk into an ossuary or bone chapel. I tap into generations of reverence and devotion, of longing and passion poured out with the names of Gods on one's lips whenever my eyes touch relics and the bodies of saints. As a painter and photographer I understand that longing.


"Moreover," Ms. Krasskova continues," my adopted mother was Swiss and I spent formative years visiting many a Baroque Church, many a shrine, many a place of Pagan worship too. I learned very early on how the beauty and wonder enshrined in these places can nourish the soul."

Baroque Staircase by Mary Ann Glass

20 x 16 Photograph

 iPhoneography Workshop

By Mary Ann Glass

January 30, 10-noon

Cost of the workshop is $50 per person.   

Pre-Registration is advised as there is limited seating. 

Call RiverWinds at 845-838-2880

 or email at


Artist Talk:  Ossuaries: What and Why January 30, 2016  4 -5 pm 

By Galina Krasskova

No Charge  

RiverWinds Gallery

172 Main Street

Beacon, NY 12508

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