"Selected Breed"

Oil Paintings by

Mary Smoot-Souter

August 8 - Sept 6, 2015


RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street is presenting “Selected Breed” – Oil Paintings by Mary Smoot Souter, their August featured artist.  Cows, chickens, roosters and birds come to life under a unique palette with bold brush strokes and sensitive color harmony.


The show opens on Beacon Second Saturday August 8, 2015 with an artist reception from 5 – 8pm. The show runs through September 6, 2015.


Mary Smoot-Souter is a fine artist who works primarily in oils on canvas, linen and board. Her work reflects the old school painting method of chiaroscuro and techniques of the late Frank Reilly.


Mary’s paintings make use of fluid brush strokes and sensitive color harmony. Aesthetically, each painting is unique and bold. They capture the beauty of light and shade and make full use of a limited palette. The subject matter found in Mary’s work range from: still life painting, figure and portrait work, landscape, floral and botanical painting and most recently animal studies.


Mary received a full scholarship to the New York Academy of Art in the early 90’s when Andy Warhol was an active board member. This institution initiated an intense art movement of contemporary realism, combining dynamic conversion of artistic styles with traditional art backgrounds.


Currently Mary teaches studio drawing and painting classes privately.

She has exhibited extensively throughout the tri-state area, in New York City at Sotheby’s and most recently at Studio 7 in Bernardsville, NJ. 

Cows, Chickens, Roosters and Birds

RiverWinds Gallery

172 Main Street

Beacon, NY 12508

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