Mary Ann Glass brings an inquiring, admiring eye to the world’s odd and beautiful things. Her work has been described as being spiritual and sensual, serious and elegant. 

Upon graduating from the summer intensive program at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana, Ms. Glass left her corporate job to settle with her cat and her Nikons in the Hudson Valley as a full-time photographer. Her images have been exhibited in places as diverse as Talinn, Estonia; Beacon, New York; Missoula, Montana, and a bathroom in Chelsea. 

Group shows have included the ""100 by 100"" at Collaborative Concepts for two consecutive years, the Stonewater Sanctuary in Peekskill, Highland Cultural Center, Howland Cultural Center, and member shows at the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie. She is one of the owners of RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon. Mary Ann is also one of two principals in fete accompli, a premier wedding and event photography firm that combines fine art photography with photojournalism. She also gives workshops on Photography.


Mary Ann Glass

Landscapes - Encaustics

And just what is

Encaustic + Photography?


Each photograph is mounted on board and coated with encaustic, which is beeswax and damar resin. The coating is extremely archival (encaustic was used for Egyptian tomb paintings that are as fresh as they were 2000 years ago). The wax will not melt – the resin is a hardening agent. The surface can be buffed with a soft cloth.

Fine Artists

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